Hope rises with Sun in Aries: Turning Point in war against Covid-19 pandemic by April-end

While man was busy conquering nature with his newly acquired powers of biotechnology and information technology, nature decided to test his unchallenged reign of supremacy. The origin of corona virus remains shrouded in mystery, but philosophically it could be looked at as a war against human arrogance and his excesses.
This is not the first time when mankind is faced with a threat that has blown into an existential crisis. In ancient India, saints like Augusta and Vishwamitra, armed with their meditative powers and intrinsic wisdom drawn from being one with the universe, had stepped in to save humanity from evil. Many present-day Babas (gurus), on the other hand, are in jail and those with market value are engaged in increasing their ratings by becoming psychotherapists on the electronic media.
Incidentally, holy shrines across the world are now closed to believers. The priests with their deities in closed temples are following the advice of the scientists and call of the leaders, while expecting a special relief for their followers.
It is said that time is the greatest leveler. Rodney Collin provided the stimulus for evaluation of man within our universe of space and time. Astrology, a non-linear science, is a mirror of life of man in the universe as described by Mann, one of the greatest contributors to the all round art of predictive astrology. 

On path to understand Corona with Vedic Astrology
A fortnight back, I had employed the instruments of astrology to predict how the financial markets would see an upswing after the 30th of March. In the same column titled What the stars tell about Corona Pandemic I had predicted why we would be in the driver’s seat by mid-April in fighting this global pandemic. I will delve into Vedic Astrology once again, this time to draw out comparisons with the Spanish Flu and the Bubonic plague which exacted a similar toll on humanity, and also venture to predict when the window to the breakthrough in this fight against corona opens up. 
Before I head out to apply non-linear science to our current predicament for answers, it would be worthwhile to disclose my illuminating voyage of a Neurophysician that has allowed me to explore the fascinating horizons and frontiers of neurosciences. I’m a practicing neurologist and if I am gravitating from the path of science towards the non-linear wisdom of astrology, it is with reason and purpose born of an inquisitive mind that hasn’t stopped looking for answers.

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The Ketu effect and Jupiter’s freedom from its grasp
In my previous column, I had explained how Ketu (The shadow planet, the south or descending node of the Moon, also called the tail of the serpent) which is a blind and headless shadow star had in its unfortunate placement with Jupiter, ended up squeezing the Dev Graha (lord of the planets) leading to the global epidemic.
Jupiter was in Sagittarius with Ketu representing human host with reduced energy levels. Mars in Capricorn compounded the problems leading to economic and social upheaval. As per my readings, Jupiter moved out of Sagittarius on March 30 leading to the revival of the stock market but the winning the war against corona continues unabated. 

The Sun rises again, unleashes the weapon to beat Corona
The Sun, the life giver, which was also subdued for last three months has since travelled through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces to enter its own house Aries, which incidentally happens to be the house of Mars as well. This makes for a very powerful combination, the sun being the king of all planets with Mars also placed in Agni tatva (fire sign). The Sun will derive a higher degree in the coming week and in ten days by 23 April would be joined by Mercury in the same house which will add to wisdom.
Till April 27, the sun lies in Ashwani nakshtra (star), the ruling deity of pharmaceuticals and drugs. I, therefore, see this alignment as a harbinger of great news and possibly our shot at discovering a drug that can fight the Covid-19 virus. There is a great chance between April 23 and April 27 for a breakthrough discovery in terms of a new drug, vaccine or understanding the behavioural attributes of the virus that can lead us to creating an antidote and halt the spread of this pandemic any further.
Incidentally, Rahu (the north node of moon, also referred to as the head of the mythological serpent) also jumps in this facilitatory bandwagon even though its tail, Ketu, still remains negative till September.  By May 4-5, the conjunction of Saturn and Mars breaks and the world shall start settling down in the routine and hopefully get past the terrible virus and the devastation in its wake. 

Similar set of damaging stars during Spanish Flu and Bubonic Plague
The alignment of the stars around the current pandemic intrigued me and led me to study their position during some of the most devastating ailments that brought humankind to its knees. It was, therefore, an interesting exercise to look back into the history of similar pandemics. The Spanish flu (1918-20) for instance was dominated by negative Neptune considered responsible for global epidemic. Put simply, a combust Mercury and a damaging Mars and Saturn were constant observations that were recorded during the two plagues that preceded it.  
Mere pyare 130 crore wasiyon (my dear 130 crore Indians) till the good time dawns on us, I urge you to keep distance, wear masks and wash your hand. Remember to have high-calorie protein diet and drink warm water. And, don’t forget to gossip with god while waiting for an economic package that will hopefully help sustain livelihoods.  

This write-up was published on the Writer’s Ball on April 13, 2020 and is now being reproduced on my blog


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