The science of healing and the miraculous prescription of faith

A doctor is not simply a practitioner who heals the body. He is as much a healer of the mind of a person who’s tired of an ailment, is tottering on the brink of hopelessness, and has come to him in good faith. A good physician is one who successfully treats a person with his understanding of the science of medicine. A great physician is one who makes the practice of medicine into an art by bringing together his study of the science along with the individual’s own healing capacity and utilises the faith he reposes in him as a catalyst to make the cure complete, and holistic.
Life is both science and art. There is a distinct and detailed methodology which is inbuilt and there is a way in which you live. Brain, which is at the centre of our lives and steers it through the entire course of our existence, is also a science and an art. Similarly, the practice of medicine is both science and an art.
There are three components to healing. One is the medicine, second is the indi…

Selfie is a tech leap. But everytime you click one, the primitive mind is taking control

Admit it! We all love taking selfies. It’s hard to imagine life without having clicked the perfect moment and having preserved it as a fond memory. With technology advancing almost every day, selfie is a trend that has emerged on the digital scene, taking the world by storm. What, however, started as a fun way to click self-portraits, has taken a new turn with people making incredibly risky attempts to get the best shot in a narcissist urge to draw attention to themselves and feel loved.  

Who doesn't like taking selfies? But make sure to stay alive while clicking your next picture-perfect selfie. With a mind-boggling increase in the number of smartphones and selfie sticks, people have become increasingly obsessed with snapping the most spectacular selfie. This fanaticism even pushes them to unimaginable, dangerous places like train tracks, hanging from buildings, bridges and even restricted no-go areas, which has led to a significant rise in the number of selfie related deaths …

Boost your brain power for happiness, health and longevity. This is how you can do it!

You may be an atheist and may rightfully share a completely differing viewpoint from that of a fatalist on the origin of human life, but what is in agreement is that human body is the most evolved and a marvellous creation of nature. Its crowning jewel, the brain, is the sole regulator of this arcane automatic system often described as a super computer lodged in a safe bony vault with a mind-boggling dynamic database. What we must be aware of is that while some virtues are hardwired, others are learnt through evolution and developed cognitively.

Neuroscience has come a long way from a rigid brain of early 20th century to a neuroplastic state capable of remodelling itself. This has paved way for better understanding of the chaos and the dynamics of the brain, and mind with the current capacity of remodelling self for quality health and longevity. The human mind has been an enigma both for the scientists and the philosophers alike. While Descartes believed in dualistic theory of brain an…