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The science of healing and the miraculous prescription of faith

A doctor is not simply a practitioner who heals the body. He is as much a healer of the mind of a person who’s tired of an ailment, is tottering on the brink of hopelessness, and has come to him in good faith. A good physician is one who successfully treats a person with his understanding of the science of medicine. A great physician is one who makes the practice of medicine into an art by bringing together his study of the science along with the individual’s own healing capacity and utilises the faith he reposes in him as a catalyst to make the cure complete, and holistic.
Life is both science and art. There is a distinct and detailed methodology which is inbuilt and there is a way in which you live. Brain, which is at the centre of our lives and steers it through the entire course of our existence, is also a science and an art. Similarly, the practice of medicine is both science and an art.
There are three components to healing. One is the medicine, second is the indi…